Our Mission

  • To produce the highest quality models through continuous research, development, and strict quality control
  • To satisfy the needs of our customers at the most competitive prices
  • To make the most discerning end-users be proud of owning our products

Our Story

  • Year 2000: established and registered as a trading company in Hong Kong
  • Year 2005: built the first factory in Shenzhen and started commercial aircraft models OEM business
  • Year 2015: established a new team and entered the market of fighter jet models

Our Numbers

  • 4 factories
  • 1000+ skillful workers
  • 50+ production lines
  • 500,000+ pieces of aircraft models produced every year
  • 200+ customers including shops, distributors and airlines

Our Works

  • We support immediate productions of commercial aircraft models in scales 1/1000, 1/500, 1/400 and 1/200
  • We support immediate productions of military jets in scales 1/72 and 1/144
  • We are also capable to develop new toolings in other scales like 1/100 and in non-metal material like resin

Our Achievements

  • We are the only manufacturer in the market capable to produce metal models for both commercial planes and military jets
  • We are top of the top in terms of product quality, price efficiency, and productivity
  • 80+ percent of all metal-made aircraft models that can be bought from the market are produced by our factories

Our Clients